write back to you journal

Write Back to You Journal

A guided journal for writing yourself back into your life through self-discover, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

REVIEWS on the Write Back to You Journal

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Thank you! The prompts are awesome! I already have two people who want one!
— Simeon S.
This book is everything you didn’t think you needed.
I love this journal! This journal is well thought out and it is pure quality from outside in. I love everything, from the way the cover looks and especially the way it feels, the prompts that make us all dig deep and do some much needed reconstructing and remodeling within ourselves, it’s size, and the extra pages in the back for free-writing journaling space. Camari Carter has created something beautiful and necessary. I am truly blown away by its existence. It is filled with carefully thought out questions that everybody needs to ask themselves in order to get a greater hold on their lives and a greater perspective on their existence.
— De'Junae J.
Wonderful journal, full of amazing content. I felt so much healing and so much love in every page. Don’t miss out, buy today.
— -Empris' Durden



Connect with your mind, body & soul through writing.

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