21 Day Challenges

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21 Days to Finish What You Started

Have you set resolutions and goals for 2017 and didn't quite finish them? Don't panic. There are 21 more days left to 2017. That means, there is room to FINISH.

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21 Days to Finish What You Started


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21 Days to Disciplined Writing

Are you a writer and struggling to commit to writing everyday? I have a fun and free challenge for you!

Sign up today and I will email you a theme, idea, or topic to write on every morning at 5am. The challenge for you is to write everyday, for 21 minutes, starting at 6am.

Why 6am? Typically, a lot of people sleep in until 7:30am or later. If you wake up, before everyone else, and start your day silently creating, you will feel more excited about the day the rest of your day. Imagine how you will feel starting the day creating. I can guarantee that it is a good feeling. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up below.

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