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I don’t want to die with untapped potential.
— My Manifesto

Hi! My name is Camari Carter-Hawkins. I am Los Angeles native, who writes, performs, all in hopes to bring the world just a little more closer. I am wonderfully married to the best songwriter in the world - I call him my honey, my songbird, William Hawkins. I am the author of Death by Comb, my debut book of poetry. I am currently writing a novel and a book of short stories (watch out now!) I share tons of my writing, organizational tips, and just good 'ole inspiration on my website and even more in my inner circle, a bi-weekly newsletter I send out to my tribe. I, also, share valuable tips to help artists get more organized on a blog I manage called The Artist Support. I am available for organizational consulting for creative beings who just need some help getting it together! 



Here are some new and original poems. For more poems, click here to follow my poetry blog.



what good is a journey

without getting lost?

isn’t it all about finding yourself?


then, why does the losing

feel like I’ve lost more

than myself?


** a positive ending**

This forest –– feels longer than others

but if I keep one foot in competition with the other,

I can be found.



What a skill it is to bloom and grow where not expected to.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.04.22 AM.png


i’m not afraid to put my hand in an oscillating fan

it’s the only moving thing I can control

I can stop it

I can even anticipate how much pain I will feel,

but my power to cause something to do as I say

outweighs the hits

I love knowing that I will get exactly what I anticipate

unlike time

I can’t stop that

tell it to go faster during uncomfortable seasons

manipulate it to go slower when I am happy

time works oppositely. it has the power to manipulate my life

make the fun last in seconds

and broke moments into years

until time gets it right, until it figures out how to make me happy

I will continue to manipulate this fan

and feel as if I have some control over my life.



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