joshua tree in january


Join me for a mini women writers retreat for my birthday!


Wanna get away?

I’m from LA, the land of hustle and bustle, a city where you have to work 2-3 jobs just to make it. With LA being such a large and attractive city, it is always buzzing. If you live in a large city like me, then you are very familiar with the sound.

I have always wanted to go to Joshua Tree. It just looks so…quiet. So, for my birthday, I want to write, be quiet, be in nature, and be around some women with good vibes only. I feel as though I need some quiet - that maybe, God will speak to me if I just be still. I don’t know about you, but I need a spiritual awakening. I feel that what I need is in Joshua Tree. So, if you are like me and need some quiet time, yet some interaction with some good women, come with me on this trip. I would love to have you.

Since this is short notice, the price for the stay is practically at cost. I am opening up the retreat to 3 women. I want to keep this fun enough, yet intimate to foster genuine connections. I have always enjoyed small crowds because you can really get to know someone.

The trip will be 3 days and 2 nights. Each morning, I will cook everyone breakfast ;) For lunch and dinner, we can hunt down some wildlife - or go to the nearest town to grub. Below are some FAQ’s about the trip.

It’s going to be so much fun and mostly refreshing. Put in for your spot now, slots will fill up quick!


When is the trip? Friday, January 4, 2019 - Sunday, January 6, 2019

When is your actual birthday? Oh, thanks for asking ;) I’m a Cappy. January 1st

What are we going to do? Eat breakfast, write, talk, watch the stars, meditate, re-friggin-LAX. I do plan for Saturday to be a “quiet day”. Just for a few hours, we will be quiet. Listen to what God (or universe, whomever you like.) is trying to tell us in this season. There will be plenty of what I call “Life sessions” and soooo much more. So, just go on and pay for the trip already ;)

Who is invited? Women only. No boys allowed - this time. I’m working on a co-ed situation. But right now, it’s just us girls. At the time being though, it is first come first serve. Slots will fill up quick!

Do I have to be a writer or poet to come? Nope! No experience necessary to relax. The writing portion is just to get some thoughts you have on paper. Writing is not deep. It’s just putting a pen in your hand and jotting down what you are thinking. I will provide guiding writing times and prompts.

What should I bring? Comfy clothes and probably one super cute outfit. We should get some photos in the desert. Of course, sleepwear, toiletries, your favorite wine, pen, and whatever you need to get by.

What if I have food restrictions? Email me your restrictions at

Where are we staying? Rest assured, we are not camping. We will be staying in one of the super cute and hippie AirBnBs.

How should I prepare to travel? After everyone submits their payment, I will email everyone and introduce everyone. You are welcome to hitch a ride together or ride solo. Totally up to you!

Can I bring someone? I ask that you come alone. Yes, you can invite someone to pay and come, but I find that the best trips are ones where you have time to be and connect with yourself.

How much is this fabulous trip? Well darling, it is only $350. That includes your own room (yes!), breakfast (by me, yum!), a super fabulous journal, and guided writing and inspiration. And, Joshua Tree! Click here to secure your spot!

Is there a payment plan? Yes! I’m all about the payment plan honey. You can pay (3) installments of $118 on whichever day you like. However, all payments must be submitted by December 14. Click here for the installment plan.

Are there refunds? Why would you want to refund time for yourself? Nope. No refunds. You won’t regret this getaway.

Is the trip transferable? Yes! If in any event you can’t make it, you can send a friend in your place. All you have to do is email me their contact info and we should be good!

Can I pay you in cash? Yes, if it is by December 7th. After that, it is cutting too close to the trip. However, my website takes debit/credit card and PayPal, which are both secure.

What other ways can I pay for this trip? You can also Cash App me ($CamariCarter) and Venmo me (@camaricarter) and PayPal me (

What is the waitlist? As soon as a room or bed becomes available by someone cancelling, we will notify you immediately. Once we notify you, you must be prepared to pay for your stay.

Why should I go on this trip? As women, we tend to overwork ourselves. Be it with family, a relationship, work, we give 200% of ourselves. This trip is all about you. All about relaxing, having good conversation, sitting under the stars, and hanging out with me! I’d like to think I’m fun ;) I’m so sure you will leave with a renewed sense of self. Just come on already.